The Royal Turf Club as an organization was born of a genuine and burning desire and passion for the development of the sport of horse racing. The organization is led by a group of professionals and horse racing enthusiasts who are keen on restoring to its former glory, a sport that holds much promise and potential.The Royal Turf Club aims to reinvigorate the sport by introducing free and fair horse racing across the country in both rural and urban area.

The Royal Turf Club is committed to ensuring that the glorious sport of racing is returned to the prestigious position it has long held and is elevated to the highest standard of competition.

Objectively, in the short-term we hope to undertake ,in line with international standards, a thorough exercise of recruiting and training people who will be involved in the sport. These positions will include jockeys, groomers and horse trainers. We hope to, at the end of this training period, have individuals who are equipped with skill-sets that can be gainfully utilized in seeking employment in the industry both locally and abroad

We plan to grow a number of horses of strong blood-lines in Sri Lanka through comprehensive breeding programs; this will have a two-fold purpose, i.e., act as a catalyst to absorb the new professionals and also cater for the demands of the race calendar.

The Royal Turf Club will also set up a modern specialist equine hospital that will provide veterinary services to horses. It is vital that we ensure and uphold ethics through maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards drug and animal abuse.

We believe that the introduction of these programs will facilitate and have a lasting impact on increased tourism and also activities such as riding tours and farm visits.

Among the long term development objectives of The Royal Turf Club is a drive to strengthen the sport’s growth avenues by engaging more young people through gainful employment on full, part time and seasonal basis. We will also undertake a drive to attract foreign investment, especially via global partnerships among racing enthusiasts.