The Royal Turf Club as an organization was born of a genuine and burning desire and passion for the development of the sport of horse racing. The organization is led by a group of professionals and horse racing enthusiasts who are keen on restoring to its former glory, a sport that holds much promise and potential.The Royal Turf Club aims to reinvigorate the sport by introducing free and fair horse racing across the country in both rural and urban area.

Sinclair Marshall Chief Executive Officer / Senior Stipendiary Steward

Panduka Keerthinanda President

Ranjan Kanagasabai Secretary

Nisitha Rupasinghe Treasurer

Ranjan Paranavitana Committee Member / Media Coordinator

Diraj De Almeda Committee Member

Nihara Jayatilleke Committee Member

Cyrus Madan Chairman of Stipendiary Stewards

Nikhil Punna Stipendiary Steward / Starter

Dr. Jeyentrabalaji Thangaraj Consultant Veterinary Doctor